Translation Services

There are two options for accessing interpreters available to staff of Aberdeen City Council:

Language Line

is an interpreting service which is quick and convenient  to use when school staff wish to communicate with parents or pupils with English as an Additional Language. Interpreters can often be accessed without pre-booking. Language Line can be used from home. The only cost will be the cost of the call as ACC picks up the bill for interpreting. The phone number is 0845 310 9900. 

You will need an Access Code and Account Number.  To get these, please contact the Interpreting and Translation Service on 01224 523542, or email them on    web:
Alternatively you can contact a member of the EAL Service for this information..


is a service that provides confidential translation, interpreting and communication support services to users and providers of Aberdeen City Council’s services.  Interpreters have to be booked in advance.

The service aims to offer improved access to users of council services whose first language is not English and / or have other communication needs.

For further information about how to access this service,  click here.


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