Teaching EAL Pupils

This section contains useful tips,resources and links for teaching bilingual pupils.

The EAL Toolkit (4 downloads)  lots of strategies and ideas for support EAL pupils (by Mike Gershon)

Support Strategies for EAL Learners (2 downloads)  (from Edinburgh City EAL Service)

Great Ideas for supporting EAL Learners from EAL Nexus and the Bell Foundation

Guide for Class Teachers (380 downloads)  10 point Guide from Aberdeen City EAL Service

The Importance of Names (315 downloads) 10 point Guide from Aberdeen City EAL Service

LearningInTwoPlusLanguages (170 downloads) published by SEALLAC and LT Scotland

Stages of English Language Acquisition (195 downloads)

Bristol Secondary Schools EAL Induction Pack – an excellent resource containing a variety of information and resources including an EAL Curriculum pack with resources covering General basic and school vocabulary and subject-specific resources.

Essex-County-Council-Online-Resources.docx (54 downloads) – EAL resource from Essex County Council

Eal Strategies – This website, authored by a former EAL teacher from the London Borough of Brent, contains a wealth of resources to be used by teachers and managers to support EAL pupils.

bm teachers leaflets image 176x250 INFORMATION LEAFLETS

Teaching Bilinguals Leaflet from Bilingualism Matters, University of Edinburgh School of Philosophy, Psychology and Languages Sciences.

FAQS Podcasts from NALDIC covering typical questions related to catering for the needs of EAL learners.”  NALDIC is the National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum and is the national subject association for EAL.

EAL guidance from NALDIC and others to help you with teaching EAL and bilingual learners

Articles, case studies and podcasts showing how ICT can be used in EAL teaching and learning – from NALDIC

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