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Parents’ Guide to the Google Classroom – download here 2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom.pptx (778 downloads)

How can pupils submit work on the Google Classroom?  Click here.

Covid 19 Learning support from the British Council – How can you learn at home?

Home Learning This has been developed a lot by teachers during the  2020-2021 Covid Pandemic when schools had to be shut.   During this time, Aberdeen City Council EAL Service  developed a sub site for Secondary Students that can be accessed via the hyperlink  ACC SECONDARY HOME LEARNING    or by going back to the HOME page and following the link from there.   – good for all subjects.


APPLE APPS STORE       The Apple Store has many useful apps that came help you with English    some of them are free, some have a  small charge and some are very expensive!    If you have an Apple device look out for the Resources from The British Council.

ANDROID APPS STORE    GOOGLE PLAY      The other main operating system for phones and tablets is the Android systems.  This is also called Google Play and the link will take you to the Education Apps pages.  Again look at the resources from The British Council.

Websites with interactive activities



READworks This is a  good website that will help with reading, comprehension and other English skills.   It is free.   Parents can sign up along with their children.   As it can be linked up to Google Classroom teachers can use it to set assignments and monitor progress. is a good website for reading practice. Sign in with your Google ID and start reading! stories are free to stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet.

World Stories – stories in 31 languages from around the world.  This is FREE.   The collection includes retold traditional tales and new short stories in the languages most spoken by UK children.        Stories to read and sound recordings.

They are adding new stories, translations, pictures and sound recording every week.  Keep coming back to find new stories.

Languages  include:



Describing people

Feelings and emotions








  • – This is a website for listening. There are different videos on different topics. Under the video there is the script, new vocabulary, and a quiz tab. There are video and audio lessons. 
  • (intermediate level)  News clips with vocabulary tasks. Archived now but might not be too outdated. A link will take you to their updated version of this but the vocabulary tasks are not as good. 
  • Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab  is a great resource for teachers to get ideas for lessons practising listening skills however it is also a fantastic self study tool for learners.
  • Lyricstraining  is the new way to learn English through music and the lyrics of your favourite songs at 4 different levels.

Other Resources

Longman’s Online Dictionary is a really great dictionary for more advanced learners of English.  It gives examples of how to use words and shows which words go together well. It also tells you whether words are formal or informal. is a free dictionary project which offers a number of resources including:

  • Basic vocabulary -Basic vocabulary of about 2000 basic meanings organized into topics and translated into many languages .
  • Bilingual dictionaries – Dictionaries are grouped by language.
  • Picture dictionary – Contains more than 2500 illustrations with translations in more than 50 languages.
  • Flashcards for basic vocabulary
  • Vocabulary trainer
    A simple game that allows you to test your knowledge and learn new words.
  • Many other resources also available

For more advanced pupils

6 websites to make your writing stronger


Chinese New Year Webquest

Valentine’s Day Webquest

The Happiness Project Video page

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