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Going to School in the UK – website with lots of information to help you.


Longman’s Online Dictionary is a really great dictionary for more advanced learners of English.  It gives examples of how to use words and shows which words go together well. It also tells you whether words are formal or informal. is a free dictionary project which offers a number of resources including:

  • Basic vocabulary -Basic vocabulary of about 2000 basic meanings organized into topics and translated into many languages .
  • Bilingual dictionaries – Dictionaries are grouped by language.
  • Picture dictionary – Contains more than 2500 illustrations with translations in more than 50 languages.
  • Flashcards for basic vocabulary
  • Vocabulary trainer
    A simple game that allows you to test your knowledge and learn new words.
  • Many other resources also available

Websites with interactive activities

English Space      Provides over 60 hours of interactive lesson materials specifically designed for UK EAL pupils of secondary school age.

ESOL Scotland has compiled a list of websites which can help you with your English language learning.

6 websites to make your writing stronger



Chinese New Year Webquest

Valentine’s Day Webquest

The Happiness Project Video page

Note taking exercises

Level A1

Resources to practice the following vocabulary and grammar items.Food and Drink



Describing people

Feelings and emotions








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