There are some additional Physics resources on the Science page.

TWINKL   This is a subscription site that has a lot of resources.   Posters, Education Packs, Powerpoints and much more.    Aberdeen City Council EAL has a subscription so simply speak to the EAL teacher in your school who will be able to find resources for you.

TRANSLATE MY DOCUMENT    Translate your own  MS   Word files into other languages.   (Most of the translations are OK.)  This is an online program that is completely free and does not involve downloads. It has been used successfully by several Aberdeen schools.   Over 100 languages supported.   This is initially set to go English to Arabic but simply change to the language you want.

Physics Translated Resources   in Polish

Source Type Name File Size Download Link
Wokingham County Council Elements 162 kb Download
Wokingham County Council Forces in Action 28 kb Download
Wokingham County Council Renewable Energy 792 Kb Download
EAL    Highland General Words Download
EAL    Highland Energy Download
EAL    Highland Forces Download
EAL    Highland Particles Download
EAL    Highland Nat4  Nat5 Physics Download

Physics Translated Resources in Arabic   from Wokingham County Council

Type Name File Size Download Link
Science Dictionary 7.53 mb Download
The Earth 152 kb Download
Solar System Definitions 163 kb Download
The Solar System 633 kb Download
The Universe 4.3 mb Download


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