Information and resources to support the teaching of History to EAL pupils – from NALDIC

TWINKL   This is a subscription site that has a lot of resources.   Posters, Education Packs, Powerpoints and much more.    Aberdeen City Council EAL has a subscription so simply speak to the EAL teacher in your school who will be able to find resources for you.

TRANSLATE MY DOCUMENT    Translate your own  MS   Word files into other languages.   (Most of the translations are OK.)  This is an online program that is completely free and does not involve downloads. It has been used successfully by several Aberdeen schools.   Over 100 languages supported.   This is initially set to go English to Arabic but simply change to the language you want.

TES RESOURCES     Many of these resources are free but others not and cost a small fee.   It is worth a look to see if it meets your needs as it will save a busy teacher a lot of time.

SCOTLAND ON SCREEN        Browse Films | Scotland on Screen  is an archive of films that visually can enhance teaching and learning.


Polish Resources from Wokingham Borough Council

application/msword History 10 Egyptian Plagues (1.76MB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword History Ancient Egypt and Egyptians (1.06MB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword History Polish Glossary (74KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword History Victorian England (3.91MB) 26/02/2013 Download

Arabic Resources from Wokingham Borough Council

application/pdf History – Key Words – Arabic (101KB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf History – Yr7 – Arabic (103KB) 07/08/2013 Download

Polish Resources from Highland EAL Service

application/msword Britain in the 19th Century Download
application/msword History Glossary Download
application/msword The Vikings Download
application/msword Clever sentence starters for essays and answers Download
application/pdf History Key Words Download

Trinity Immigration Initiative – History Resources

Though primarily designed for newcomer learners of English, the Language Support Activity Units and other activities on this site are equally suited to the needs of all students as they encourage both subject and language learning. All resources and classroom activities may be downloaded and printed. Activities are suitable for classroom use, homework and self-study.”

The topics and levels are designed for use in the Irish Education System, but many may well be of use elsewhere.





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