Help with exams

BBC Bitesize – Helps you revise for your exams.

Ten way to learn new words – tips from  the British Council

SQA. English for Speakers of other Languages. In Scotland there are two qualifications for English. SQA English and SQA ESOL. It may be more appropriate for students to sit the SQA ESOL if English is not the candidates first language. Some students sit both qualifications. 

Information about English for Speakers of Other Languages Exams which are organised and administered by the Scottish Education Authority.  ( Click on Logo)

The Language of Exams – resources produced by the Trinity Immigration Initiative to help prepare EAL pupils for exams in a variety of subjects.  These are suitable for self-study with some help from teachers.  Please show them to your teacher first before you use them, as these resources were produced for the Irish Education system, so they are designed for the topics studied in that system.  Check with your teacher to see if he/she thinks they will help you.

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