Teaching EAL Learners in Science – general information from the Bell Foundation website which is an excellent source of subject-related EAL resources.

Supporting EAL Learners with Scientific Language An EAL Specialist Scientist discusses strategies to help develop Scientific language with your students.

EAL Science pack – shared resource from TES – you need to register with TES Connect to be able to login and access this.   This is mostly free and well worth doing.  For some resources a small charge is now made.

Lancashire Council Polish Science  Pack     (5854K)  PDF      EAL Science Pack developed for Secondary Schools  from Lancashire County Council and Heysham High School for Polish students.

Resources from EAL NEXUS     You need to register (for free) to access the resources

TWINKYL   Twinkyl is a subscription service. Aberdeen EAL service has a subscription and if you want a resource speak to the EAL teacher attached to your school. TWINKYL has a lot of resources: Learning Packs; Worksheets; Powerpoints; Topic Packs; posters and much more. It contains may high quality science resources.

Translated resources

Polish Resources from Wokingham Borough Council

application/msword Science Chemical reactions (48KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document SCIENCE Core Biology B1 – 1 (15KB) 05/05/2015 Download
application/msword Science Diseases (227KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Elements (162KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Endocrine system (61KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science English Polish Glossary (135KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Food and Digestion (51KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Forces in Action (28KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Habitat (64KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Human body and skeleton (118KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Inheritance (87KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Laboratory Equipment Picture Dictionary (842KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science Renewable Energy Sources (722KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science The Water Cycle (37KB) 26/02/2013 Download
application/msword Science vocabulary YR 5 English Polish (32KB) 24/02/2014 Download
application/msword Science Weathering and Erosion (39KB) 26/02/2013 Download

Arabic Resources from Wokingham Borough Council

application/pdf Science – Arabic Dictionary (7.53MB) 27/01/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Genes in Arabic (172KB) 18/11/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Herbivores, carnivores and Omnivores (370KB) 08/09/2015 Download
application/pdf Science – Inheritance and Selection – Definitions (329KB) 18/11/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Lab Apparatus Arabic (1.85MB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science – Materials – Arabic (600KB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science – Materials and Textures – Arabic (688KB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science – Nutrition and Health (747KB) 27/01/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Parts of a Plant (152KB) 18/11/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Phases of the Moon (1.56MB) 27/01/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Solar System – Definitions (163KB) 18/11/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – The Earth – Arabic (152KB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science – The Internal Organs (446KB) 27/01/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – The Life Cycle of a Butterfly (236KB) 08/09/2015 Download
application/pdf Science – The Senses- Arabic (177KB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science – The Solar System – Arabic (633KB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science – The Universe – Arabic (4.30MB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science – Variation and Classification (378KB) 18/11/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Water and Water Cycle (3.15MB) 27/01/2014 Download
application/pdf Science – Word-list (958KB) 27/01/2014 Download
application/pdf Science Key Words – Arabic (92KB) 07/08/2013 Download
application/pdf Science-Hazard symbols (126KB) 17/12/2013 Download
application/pdf Sciences Genetics (in Arabic) – weblink (87KB) 22/02/2013 Download

Language Resources from Highland EAL Service for Science

Type Language Name File Size Download Link
application/pdf Arabic KS3 Visual Dictionary Download
application/pdf Arabic Science Wordlist Download
application/pdf Chinese Apparatus List Download
application/pdf Bengali Apparatus List (B) Download
application/pdf Bengali Hazard List Download
application/pdf Farsi Science Wordlist Farsi Download
application/pdf Hungarian Science Wordlist (H) Download
application/pdf Polish Science Booklet Download
application/pdf Polish Science Planning Sheet Download
application/pdf Polish Writing a Conclusion Download
application/pdf Thai Science Planning Thai Download


Trinity Immigration Initiative

Science Resources on a variety of topics.   The topics and levels are designed for use in the Irish Education System, but many may well be of use elsewhere.

Though primarily designed for newcomer learners of English, the Language Support Activity Units and other activities on this site are equally suited to the needs of all students as they encourage both subject and language learning. All resources and classroom activities may be downloaded and printed. Activities are suitable for classroom use, homework and self-study.”








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