There are some additional Biology resources on the Science page

Resources from EAL Nexus:

City of Edinburgh EAL Service has translated classroom materials at different levels for Biology  in Arabic, Chinese,  Korean, Kurdish, Polish, Thai and Turkish From the homepage select Translated Classroom Material  from the menu on the left, then select Science.  Biology is in the Science sub-menu.

Polish resources from Moray EAL Service

Cambridgeshire Education Portal: 

THESE RESOURCES ARE BEING MOVED TO A DIFFERENT SITE AND ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.  WE WILL UPDATE THIS SITE WHEN WE GET NEW INFORMATION has resources for various Science topics translated into Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Hungarian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovakian and Tagalog. 

Trinity Immigration Initiative

Biology Resources The topics and levels are designed for use in the Irish Education System, but many may well be of use elsewhere.

Though primarily designed for newcomer learners of English, the Language Support Activity Units and other activities on this site are equally suited to the needs of all students as they encourage both subject and language learning. All resources and classroom activities may be downloaded and printed. Activities are suitable for classroom use, homework and self-study.”

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