Arabic Resources

Arabic Keyboard This links to a page with extensive subject-specific translated resources.

Booklet in Arabic about Living and Working in North-East Scotland

Living-and-working-in-the-north-east-Arabic.pdf (2066 downloads)

Learn EnglishEnglish classes for adults and online courses

Translated phrases for communication between school and homeshared here with kind permission of Aberdeenshire EAL Service

Here are some Arabic resources including basic phrases, welcome signs and useful classroom vocabulary from the Highland EAL Service.

Websites with Arabic Resources     This links to a page with extensive translated resources for a variety of subjects and topics.

Language Information

Arabic Language Tables (4183 downloads)  from Milton Keynes Council, basic vocab and phrases for early days. /

(Gives information about the Arabic language and its history also provides some phrases in Arabic and how to pronounce them)

(Shows the differences between English and Arabic and what common mistakes Arabic speaking pupils make when learning English)

Dual Language Arabic/English Resources

(Has dual language tutorials, games and word lists with pictures and sound)

(Has dual language topic word lists)

(Has dual language lists of mathematical vocabulary)

(Has translation of 100 words and information on the differences between Arabic and English)

(Has online activities in Arabic and English – could be used to support learning basic English)

(Has bilingual quizzes online)

Information for parents

School Education in Scotland - a Guide for refugees (1596 downloads)

School Education in Scotland : Arabic version (1509 downloads)

Guidance for parents on supporting reading:

ARABIC_phonics_4_parents.pdf (2239 downloads)     Information about phonic for parents in Arabic

Tips for Reading with Children   Tips_Arabic.pdf (1593 downloads) – from Minnesota Humanities Center.

(See catalogue – Guidance document for parents – ‘Parents and Children Sharing Books’ £7.50)

(Dual language stories in English and Arabic)




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